A Quick Guide To Getting On The Dark Web

The Dark Web or Dark Net is an encrypted network with privacy and security in mind. The most popular Dark Net is Tor or The Onion Router. The quickest way to get on the Tor network is to download the Tor Browser. You can now browse the internet the same way as before with increased privacy and security, you can also now access .onion addresses. Check out my Tor Site for additional guides to staying safe on the Dark Web. [Read More]

How I Host My Own Websites And Apps From Home For Free

I currently host my Personal Portfolio, a Network Scanning App, a Weather App and many more sites and services for free using Docker, Nginx, and CloudFlare. The setup is pretty straightforward and has been working without issue for almost a year now. I host most apps using VM’s and raspberry pi’s that use Nginx as a reverse proxy that connects to cloudflare to protect my home IP. I run the Letsencrypt container from linuxserver. [Read More]