PGP Fun With GPG

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 I've been having a lot of fun playing around with public key cryptography. With all the ways information can be intercepted and tampered it is cool knowing you can verify the integrity of your data. This text was generated using the "--clearsign" option and can be verified with my public pgp key Download my public key and import it into your keyring. You will also need to copy this message and save it as a text file. [Read More]

Security Hardening & Email Encryption

As I go further down the security rabbit hole I’m now in the process of hardening security on all of my devices. I’ve moved all of my lab behind a second firewall with strict security settings to keep it segregated from my local LAN. I also completely reinstalled several systems to ensure that they haven’t been compromised in any way. I’ve also removed windows from my local network, I now only use windows in virtual machines. [Read More]

Deactivating Social Media Accounts

I deactivated all of my social media accounts. I did it because I feel like I wasn’t really getting much out of it. It is a great tool for staying in touch with certain people but I hardly use it for that. Then there are the privacy concerns. The more I’ve gotten involved in the hacking community the more I realized I’m creating a larger attack surface for myself. Going to be using this blog as a little bit more of a platform to share what I am up to. [Read More]


This weekend I revisited an old project Using grep On A Large File. TL;DR I downloaded a 80+GB email and password text file dump. This probably includes your past passwords. You can find out at have i been pwned I really like this project because it contains real email addresses and passwords to aid you in ethical hacking. I find this information especially useful because of so many people reusing old passwords. [Read More]