Happy Pi Day

I changed my Linux+ test date to May 4th. I was stressing on taking it this upcoming Tuesday since I haven’t properly prepared for it. I also just freshly installed Big Sur on my 2017 MBP so I’m having to do a lot of this from scratch so this is a good time to start blogging about it. This will be more so notes for myself than an actual blog post. [Read More]

Security Hardening & Email Encryption

As I go further down the security rabbit hole I’m now in the process of hardening security on all of my devices. I’ve moved all of my lab behind a second firewall with strict security settings to keep it segregated from my local LAN. I also completely reinstalled several systems to ensure that they haven’t been compromised in any way. I’ve also removed windows from my local network, I now only use windows in virtual machines. [Read More]


I obviously love raspberry pi’s and I have been wanting to share my RetroPie image for some time. This image contains everything you need to get going. Simply unzip the file and then flash it to a microSD card (32gb or bigger) and you are good to go. Connect your controllers and begin having fun. This image is designed for raspberry pi 4. I can find my raspberry pi 3 image if you send me an email. [Read More]

k3s on raspberry pi

Going to share with you how I got kubernetes running on my raspberry pi cluster. For this build I used 1 x raspberry pi 4 8gb model and 3 x raspberry pi 4 4gb models for this build. The case is a C4Labs Zebra Bramble Case. Warning this case is a pain in the ass to build. I would have thrown it away or returned it if my girlfriend didn’t help me build it. [Read More]