Linux+ Update

I’ve been slacking but I’m still working towards my CompTIA Linux+ certification. I bought an external SSD for my macbook because I was running into space issues editing videos and hosting VM’s. I moved all my video footage and VM’s to a 2TB Samsung T7. I also upgraded my Mikrotik RB951G to a newer hEX S model. I configured the second firewall to create a lab network where I can play around a little more freely. [Read More]

Using grep On A Large File

I have had an increased interest in hacking and have been playing around with brute force attacks using Python. I was thinking of better ways to brute force and the first solution that came to mind was a password list. I went to have i been pwned? to see if I could get the database used for checking if passwords have been used. Of course I couldn’t find it on the website, it would be very irresponsible of someone to do that. [Read More]