k3s on raspberry pi

Going to share with you how I got kubernetes running on my raspberry pi cluster. For this build I used 1 x raspberry pi 4 8gb model and 3 x raspberry pi 4 4gb models for this build. The case is a C4Labs Zebra Bramble Case. Warning this case is a pain in the ass to build. I would have thrown it away or returned it if my girlfriend didn’t help me build it. [Read More]

Daily Journal

It’s a new year and I’ve decided to change the way I record my daily journal entries. I have been writing a journal on and off since my early twenties and keep evolving the way that I document my life, memories, and goals. I used to write in a Moleskine with my JETSTREAM pens (great for lefties) but now do most of my journaling and writing behind a computer. I still write in a physical journal and take physical notes that I transfer to a digital form at a later time. [Read More]

Josh's Adventures in Wonderland 2020 Wrap Up

I’m slowly still working towards my linux+ certification. While studying I created a one liner that replaces my name with Alice in the book Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. curl https://www.gutenberg.org/files/11/11-0.txt | sed 's/Alice/Josh/g' > Joshs-adventures-in-wonderland.txt This one liner uses curl to download Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland from Project Gutenberg and uses sed to replace my name with Alice’s name. You can view the output here Josh’s Adventures In Wonderland. I hope this gets people thinking about other cool things you can do playing around with publicly available data. [Read More]

Linux+ Update 2

Wanted to share a few resources I discovered while studying. The first is some files and directories provided by Linux Pocket Guide. When you are first playing around with Linux and performing text manipulation and file comparisons you need directories and files to work with. The Linux Pocket Guide provides these resources. I recommend you buy the book, but if you don’t the files are publicly hosted. The two commands below will download and extract the files. [Read More]

Hugo Date Fix

I was about to create a blog post when I noticed that the dates weren’t working on my posts. This was concerning because having a date on a blog post is important to me. I did a little googling and debugging and didn’t find an easy answer right away. So I started the hugo server locally. I have everything hosted via GitLab Pages so I never even bothered testing or running the server locally. [Read More]

Linux+ Update

I’ve been slacking but I’m still working towards my CompTIA Linux+ certification. I bought an external SSD for my macbook because I was running into space issues editing videos and hosting VM’s. I moved all my video footage and VM’s to a 2TB Samsung T7. I also upgraded my Mikrotik RB951G to a newer hEX S model. I configured the second firewall to create a lab network where I can play around a little more freely. [Read More]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Finally finished reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” the other day and I feel extremely inspired. It has been a very impactful book and to me is a manual on how to live a happy, productive, meaningful life. This book was recommended to me by a good friend years back and I have attempted to read it a few times, I finally saw the book to completion. Disclaimer: I listened to the audiobook version [Read More]

Why I Love Juggling

Someone asked me last month why I love juggling so much. It actually took me a second to think about what I had just been asked, I then answered “because I love learning”. Learning to juggle follows the same process as all other learning. I believe that all learning is connected. When learning something new I focus on one concept and then break it down to the smallest components. Take the 3 ball cascade for example, this is one of the first juggling moves people attempt to learn. [Read More]

Finding My Personal Mission Statement

I’m currently attempting to read and apply The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This is probably my third or fourth attempt, as it takes a lot of time and work to apply the lessons. Following the 7 Habits I’m attempting to write my personal mission statement. A personal mission statement is like a personal constitution, a set of rules and guidelines to live by. Before I start any endeavor I think to myself, “Does this align with my personal mission statement? [Read More]

Using grep On A Large File

I have had an increased interest in hacking and have been playing around with brute force attacks using Python. I was thinking of better ways to brute force and the first solution that came to mind was a password list. I went to have i been pwned? to see if I could get the database used for checking if passwords have been used. Of course I couldn’t find it on the website, it would be very irresponsible of someone to do that. [Read More]