Not sure what happened to my blog hosted using Gitlab pages but the build failed. So now I’m running my blog on a raspberry pi at home. I’m temporarily redirecting to until I can figure out how to host the domain under my current setup.

When I transferred my blog posts over I had to add “layout: post” to the second line of every post to make it appear nicely. I used the following code snippet to do so.

for file in *
    sed -i '2 i layout: post' "$file"

This script went through every file in the current directory (including the script executing the command!) and added “layout: post” to line 2 of every file. I’m aware that this could be mush cleaner. For example I could use *.md to only modify the intended markdown files.

To start Jekyll server I use bundle exec jekyll serve --host= Replace the IP address with the IP address of the Jekyll server. You can also use if you would like. I serve on the private IP to assist with hosting using a reverse proxy.