I’ve been working through HACKTHEBOX machines as I study up for the Pentest+ exam. One thing I noticed while doing a walkthroughs and in the pentester community in general was the usage of cherrytree for notetaking. Currently as a mac user I have been using Apple notes. Apple notes is a decent note taking program with the exception that it is restricted to the Apple ecosystem. Lately I have been doing a lot of pentesting on a separate laptop with Kali linux installed. I also have a virtual Kali instance but I find having real hardware to work better in my situation. Installing Cherrytree on Kali is a breeze, simply run sudo apt install cherrytree. On my mac things were not quite as easy. It was recommended to use brew install cherrytree. When using brew however I never got a GUI window to open when running cherrytree. So I uninstalled and ended up building from source. To keep notes synced between machines I am using syncthing. The only issue with this solution is when updating notes on one machine I need to reopen the note on any other machines to load the updated notes.