I was about to create a blog post when I noticed that the dates weren’t working on my posts. This was concerning because having a date on a blog post is important to me. I did a little googling and debugging and didn’t find an easy answer right away. So I started the hugo server locally. I have everything hosted via GitLab Pages so I never even bothered testing or running the server locally. To start the server enter hugo server at the command line. Once I did this I immediately got the following error displayed several times

“WARN 2020/12/18 18:16:56 Failed to get translated string for language “en” and ID “postedOnDate”: template: :1:13: executing “” at <.Count>: can’t evaluate field Count in type string”.

I googled the error and found a discussion with a fix on the error. The solution was Replace by . The problem seems to originate from go-i18n, see here: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/7822. I entered grep -r "" . which returned

./themes/beautifulhugo/i18n/en.yaml: translation: “Posted on “

I replaced with as suggested and fixed the date.